IP Strategy

The admonition of Otto Erich Häußler, who warned that:

“Those who fail to invent, disappear. Those who fail to patent, lose.”

must never be forgotten.  Intellectual property (IP) often constitutes the single most valuable corporate asset.  If correctly implemented and used, it can assist a company to secure its markets and to maintain its competitive advantage.

However, IP costs money and requires constant attention.

Dr. Thot's philosophy is that IP strategy necessitates much more than simply filing for intellectual property protection.  An intelligent IP strategy requires strategic research, the monitoring of competitor’s IP rights, the intelligent management of IP rights to save costs and increase IP portfolio value, the selective enforcement of IP rights against third parties, the coordination of attacks on third party IP rights, and the judicious exploitation of IP rights.  A successful IP strategy also requires a recurring periodic and long-term review of a company’s IP portfolio.

Dr. Thot was able to collect extensive experience in all of the aforementioned areas during his tenure with various United States patent law firms as well as in German industry.

Dr. Thot is the right partner to design and implement your IP strategy.